Here are all the games we've made! (or are making)

  • Frobisher Says Vita

    A surreal party game for the Playstation Vita

  • Hohokum Platform TBC

    A collaboration with artist Richard Hogg, Hohokum is a game where a colourful serpent flies around helping people.

  • Kahoots PS3, PSP, Web, iOS

    Drag the blocks which form the floor, get them to the exit door. Help all the Kahoots escape! Featuring songs by the Pegbeast.

  • Happily Ever After Coming soon to PC and iPad

    This is no bedtime story! Play agony aunt (or uncle) to fairytale characters with very modern problems!

  • The Wild Rumpus Real Life!

    A night of crazy, social, multiplayer indie games

  • Poto & Cabenga Web, iOS

    Two friends on an adventure become unexpectedly separated. Lead them to a reunion, through a series of hazards, using only one button.

  • Ric Rococo: International Art Thief Web, iOS

    Ric Rococo is a devilish fiend of a Cat Burgler. Help him steal the world's most valuable paintings without being caught!

  • Bernie the Pyromancer Formats TBC

    Burn the villages of medieval England and Wales to the ground with your magical Pyro-powers, and prevent your arch enemy Dewdith The Water Witch from extinguishing your blaze.

    • Balloon-Headed Boy Web, iOS

      Balloon Headed Boy can't jump! Luckily he can eat Farty Flowers which fill his inflatable head with gas, and allow him to rescue all his balloon chums from those pesky Frogs.

    • KeepAhead Web

      Two explorers lost in the jungle! With only one head to share between them! Oh noes!

    • My Pet Dinosaur PC

      Bored of hamsters and guinea pigs? Want something more exciting than a kitten? Then My Pet Dinosaur is for you! Play, explore and take good care of your dino and it'll be an epic friend forever!

    • Flora's Fruit Farm PC

      With her magical gardening gloves, Flora travels across Clementine Valley growing magical fruit for the locals in this time-management game.

    • The Glean of Glob Web

      A collaborative project with artist Daniel Baker. Solve the mysteries to find the Glean of Glob.

    • It Happened in Lundn Web

      Explore the world of Lundn.. Made for a game jam using the art of primary school children..